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Revised July 1, 2001

 This list of policy's and procedures is provided to keep the Club Constitution and By-Laws short, easy to understand and uncluttered, and to guide club activities that are not necessarily mentioned elsewhere or know to the membership and prospects of the club.  These procedures will be followed and all prospects are to read and understand them before becoming a member of the club.  Any changes or additions to this list are to be brought to the membership at a monthly meeting and voted on at the next.  This is an official document of the Southern Arizona Harley Riders.

1.     All applications must be at least 21 years of age prior to application for club membership.

2.     Applications for membership will be submitted only at monthly meetings with the sponsor and applicant present.

3.     Prospect time will be a minimum of six (6) months, and prospects are required to attend all club meetings and participate in all club functions.  Prospects must also make every attempt possible to attend any other functions as may be requested by another club member, (i.e., ACMC meetings, other runs the club sponsors).  Prospects should make every attempt to meet all club members so they are known by the membership at the time of their vote.  In addition, prospects are expected to perform other functions that may be requested by an active member from time to time.

4.     All prospects will be required to pay an initial $50.00 initiation fee to cover the cost of the patch and the first years dues when their application is submitted to the secretary.  During prospect status, all prospects will have the benefits of all club funded events.

5.     If for some reason a prospect either chooses not to join the club, or is denied membership, the $50.00 initiation fee will be returned to the applicant.

6.     After the probationary time, the prospect will be voted on by the active membership.  Both the prospect and their sponsor will be required to be present at the vote.

7.     After three months of non-payment of club dues, the executive board will formally request the return of the club patch.  All members who have delinquent dues will be notified at the second (2nd) meeting of the year.

8.     If a member who has quit for any reason wishes to return, they will be required to repeat the prospect requirements.  If a Life Member who has retired wishes to return to active status, he or she, must appear before the Executive Board prior to the reinstatement.

9.     Reasons for disciplinary actions may include, but not be limited to: Lack of activity within the club, late for meetings, not wearing the patch when appropriate, not abiding by the club constitution and by-laws, late dues, any action that may be considered detrimental to the club and/or its members, and not being present at club meetings and functions.

10.   Members placed in disciplinary status will pay dues and will not be allowed to wear the patch.  The member must appear at an executive board meeting to request to have the disciplinary status removed before full membership benefits will be re-instated.

11.   The executive board shall remain in contact with both active and inactive members for the purpose of public relations for the club, and/or to discuss any problems relating to SAHR.

12.   Under certain circumstances, as representative of the club, the executive board may ask active club members to ride to events that are deemed important.

13.   Three consecutive unexcused missed meetings will result in the member being placed in an inactive status.  Member will not be allowed to wear the SAHR patch until returned to active status.

14.   The Sgt.-at-arms is responsible for insuring order at all club meetings.  Club members are responsible for the actions of any guests they may bring to meetings and club functions.

15.   Officers pins will be worn on the front right side of the vest, about chest high.

16.   Absentee/Proxy voting for club officers will be allowed in the event a member has an excused absence during the December meeting.

17.   All nominees must be present at the November meeting to accept nominations for the upcoming year.

18.   No alcoholic beverages are to be consumed at any club meeting.

19.   The club patch is the property of the SAHR, and will be worn on black leather, or black or blue denim only.  The patch will be returned immediately to a member of the executive board in the event a member quits or membership is revoked.

20.   Club T-shirts are to be worn by active club members only and are authorized in lieu of the club patch.

21.   All club members will wear their club patch to all regular club meetings and club sponsored events, except as determined by the executive board.

22.   Club business is exactly that, and is to be kept within proper club channels.

23.   Active SAHR members may authorize another active member to vote for them in their absence.  A Proxy Vote form must be filled out, signed by the member to be absent, and given to an executive board member prior to the meeting of absence.  This proxy vote form will be valid for only one (1) meeting.

24.   An active member may request in writing at any time to be placed on an inactive status.

25.   A discretionary expenditure of up to $100.00 (one hundred) may be approved by 2 (two) or more executive board members for the betterment of the club.  Any amount over $100.00 (one hundred) must be approved by 2/3 (two-thirds) of the active members present at a monthly meeting.

26.   Only active club members will attend closed meetings.

27.   Prior to the monthly SAHR scheduled meeting a member must contact an executive board member to request an excused absence if unable to attend.  The executive board will determine if the request constitutes an excused or unexcused absence.